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the year of X

horoscope for america’s movement for justice In the East Asian calendar, commonly called Chinese Astrology, 2010 is the Year of the Tiger. The Tiger symbolizes strength and protection, a courageous and fiery fighter that keeps away “fires, thieves and ghosts.” The underlying principle of all systems that seek to reflect character traits to us based […]

Erica Grevemeyer | Commitment to Authenticity

Erica Grevemeyer is the Interim Director for Bay Area Nonviolent Communication (BayNVC) She joined the organization in 2003, after acting upon her desire to find meaning beyond financial sustainability in her work and left her software engineering career of 6 years. Prior to that she served 2 years in the Peace Corps in Morocco. She has a BA in linguistics from the University of Chicago and has been a student of Buddhism since 1992. Erica, also affectionately known as ‘Svani’, (short for Sundaresvani, which in Sanskrit means “beautiful voice”) has been a regular fixture in the New Dharma Community since 2006.

Is Your Diet Suffering from too Much Racism?

We all share in benefits of the contributions of folks like Dr. King, Medgar Evers, Dr. Howard Thurman, and Malcolm X. No doubt, each of us in our own way value some of what they’ve done. And in the black community, we hope to see more activists step forward to make real transformation blossom right where we live. At the same time, in order to effect transformation the first thing we have to work on is not our communities, it’s our health.

Twelve Months of fearless Yoga Asana | Tadasana

Tadasana, also known as Mountain Pose, is the best place to start on our new goals and resolutions as it promotes confidence, happiness, and helps us create space in our bodies. Let’s start and begin the new year with an emphasis on foundation and confidence.

Climate Change: Losing the Ineffable

Climate change is here and now and it is destroying the peoples, land, and way of life that has sustained humanity for thousands of years. It is affecting those who are least responsible for global warming: those in developing countries who live in rural areas and whose lives and cultures embody very old traditions and wisdom. When the unsustainable way of life that keeps us separate from each other completely fails, we will need the wisdom and methods of those we are destroying today more than ever. We must act now before we lose the ineffable wisdom and ways of living that can save us all.

Communication as Foundation

It is widely accepted that communication is one of the most important factors in a relationship. How we communicate with others and the quality of the way we interact is a mirror of how we commune with and regard ourselves. Relationship, a sense of belonging, and connection are universal human yearnings. The new year is a perfect time to look at the ways in which we communicate, especially if we resolve to transform.

Winter 27 Days of Change | How it Went

Twenty-seven people from around the nation participated in CXC’s 27 Days of Change this winter. One-third of the participants were local, while the remaining two-thirds live outside the greater Bay Area. For the first time ever, CXC offerred the 27 Days of Change: Winter Practice Period as an entirely virtual experience.

splintered road to Gaza

This is a firsthand account from our Founder, sharing her experience of the Gaza Freedom March.
northern Sinai, Egypt. 30 december 2009. 7:50pm
here we are on the road to Gaza.
i am one of what ended up being 65. i was included in the original 100. i got the news that I was selected last night at 9pm. “pack your bags.” my friend and coordinator of the media team said. “you’re on the list. you’re going.”

Everything Old is New Again

Nearly every Thursday night for the past 5 years, Rev. angel Kyodo williams has offered a dharma talk at the Center. Each of them are rich, deep, candid pieces meant to be heard with an open heart. For the first time, CXC volunteers will be transcribing and compiling each and every talk with the intent of sending them off to be published.