Twelve Months of fearless Yoga Asana | Tadasana

It’s a new year, a new beginning, a new start. Many of us make resolutions and rearrange our goals and our approach to goals. Tadasana is the best place to start as it promotes confidence, happiness, and helps us create space in our bodies. The new year is a good to time to make new goals and set new standards for our selves. Let’s focus on the start or beginning of the new year and new resolutions or goals, with emphasis on foundation and confidence.

tada = mountain
asana = body position or posture or Yoga Position

Benefits: relieves sciatica, improves posture, strengthens thighs, knees and ankles, firms buttocks and abdominals,

The first Asana (position) in the Fearless Yoga flow, is “Tadasana” or “Mountain Pose.”

This Asana leads us to get grounded to the earth while at the same time reaching for the sky. The idea is to attain a neutral and relaxed focus, to gently align ourselves head to toe. With small effort we prepare ourselves. Aligned posture, grounding, reaching for the sky, optimal breathing, confidence, focus and balance….Tadasana!

1. Come to standing, arms and hands at your sides, palms towards your body, fingers point to the earth, big toes touching, or feet hip width apart.

2. Lift your toes, fan them out, and drop them down to create a wide solid base.

3. Distribute your weight evenly on all four corners of your feet. Root your feet and calves into the earth.

4. Engage your quadraceps (muscle above your knees). Draw them up causing your knee caps to rise.

5. Rotate your thighs inward and tuck your tailbone, dropping it towards the earth.

6. Be mindful of your belly drawing it slightly in.

7. Widen your collar bones, making sure that your shoulders are parallel with your pelvis. Keep your chin parallel to the floor., while maintaining a soft throat, a wide and flat tongue, and a soft gaze.

8. Lengthen your spine with focus on your neck and extend the crown of your head to the sky. Let your shoulder blades slide down your back.

9. Imagine a line of energy up from your thighs thru your groin, flowing up your torso thru your neck, head and out thru the crown of your head to the sky…Tadasana!

10. Hold for 30 seconds to a minute, breath easy and enjoy.

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