Winter 27 Days of Change | How it Went

Twenty-seven people from around the nation participated in CXC’s 27 Days of Change this winter. One-third of the participants were local, while the remaining two-thirds live outside the greater Bay Area. For the first time ever, CXC offerred the 27 Days of Change: Winter Practice Period as an entirely virtual experience.

Participants received daily inspirational quotes with framing text and reflection questions whose primary purpose was to remind and encourage participants to engage with their Intentions in a meaningful way daily. In addition, formal participants had access to weekly study materials and an online email discussion listserv. Weekly conference calls for check-in and requests for support were made via Skype.

Those that participated found the daily emails helpful in keeping on track with their Intentions. In addition, participants reported feeling grateful for the Practice container and consistency provided by the Center and the witness and encouragement they received from the Practice Leader and fellow participants on the weekly conference calls.

The 27 Days of Change is offerred seasonally to provide context and support that allows formal participants to clarify, strengthen and deepen their inner awareness practices as well as to affirm an inner life that matters.

To participate in CXC’s 27 Days of Change requires a certain level of maturity and commitment that goes beyond what we normally give, what is comfortable. The 27 Days of Change asks to go out of our comfort zones for 27 days, in the full witness of others who are doing the same, all in the name of deep change or transformation.

A period of integration follows each Practice Period, where the teachings, learnings, and experience can be folded into one’s everyday life. This vital integration time lays the foundation for the next one which is in March.

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