fearlessYOGA Teacher Training | A Personal & Organizational R(evolution)

image: Karen Muktayani Villanueva

personal narrative by Karen Muktayani Villanueva

Next month, in April, we are holding our first ever, fearlessYoga Teacher Training (fYTT). We’ve written our curriculum and had it approved by Yoga Alliance, earning our certification as an official registered yoga school. This is an evolution that began almost 10 years ago. And, for the last 4 years, sadhana has been a stalwart part of our morning practice schedule here at CXC. Especially for the core residents, the Warrior flow is the way we wake up and enter the world most days of the week.

I remember when we didn’t have sadhana as part of our morning practice schedule. I remember the wonderment I felt when my Teacher introduced fearlessYoga to us. I remember having the felt experience of being in my body and being in appropriate relationship to it, in ways I could not fathom before.

I remember the appreciation I felt towards my fellow intrepid yogis who showed up well before the sunrise, day-in, day-out. I remember feeling deep gratitude to my Teacher for bringing these teachings to our Community. I remember developing heightened consciousness around my food and nutritional choices.

I remember the tears as they flowed freely when I released vast amounts of grief when doing kapotasana; it was grief that I held in my hips. I remember how wide my eyes got when I realized how aggressive and over-reaching I was on my yoga mat and how that translated to all parts and relationships of my life.

I remember, in learning fearlessYoga, it was the first time I had ever given myself permission to, ‘back off,’ not from place of defeat or aggression, but rather from a place of fierce Love and trust. I remember how joyous it was to discover and honor the wisdom of my own body, appreciating the fragility and strength of every moment.

I remember all of these things…and more. I remember them each time I do our fearlessYoga flow.

I am excited that we will be able to share fearlessYoga in the upcoming training.
I look forward to hearing about what you will discover and what you will remember.

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