Lighten Up and Enjoy All That You Are Now

Spring is back. Wake up! Its time to Share your gifts and plant “Seeds of Wisdom” cultivated during the wintertime. As you step out of your internal cave to express what you’ve learned, Lighten up and Enjoy All that You Are Now. Its time to celebrate how far you’ve come!

The theme of this month is Wellness and Renewal. I’d like to share an amazing tool that has helped me consistently create an overall happiness and well being within my life. Self Love is the foundation of my infinite possibility.

In manifesting a healthy life style full of joy, creativity and positive global impact, I discovered that shifting my perspective from burden to opportunity released self pity. Changing my narrow view of life was my ticket to true freedom. But in order for the feeling of freedom to last, I had to acknowledge my courage and thank myself for showing up in the best way I knew how in that moment. Even if the outcome was different from what I had intended, it was my constant awareness and appreciation for my efforts that helped me not to beat myself up when things turned out differently. My letting go of the outcome freed me up to be myself without the harsh judgement.

Learning how to Love is our biggest challenge. I encourage All of you to start with yourselves and Love Yourselves more. That way, your efforts will create a deeper impact as they come from a place of loving experience. Focus on who you are already. Do your best not to get stuck on what you don’t have or who you haven’t become yet; there is no valid reason to lead a life of longing and suffering. Instead, think about the beautiful things people see in you. What are some of your most prized qualities? This will enhance your ability to energetically sustain yourself during times of difficulty while creating the necessary confidence to manifest all of your dreams and intentions.

Remember, challenges are opportunities to get to know yourself. If you are feeling overwhelmed, see those moments of exhaustion and disappointment as a time to reclaim your balance. Utilize your courage to check in to see if you are taking yourself too seriously. If you are, Lighten Up, take a deep breath and Enjoy All that You Are Right Now! 


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