Chuck Courts | Directly Supporting How Change is Done

Chuck Courts

CXC Caretaker and Maintenance

CXC:   What do you like to be called?

CC:  I prefer Chuck.

CXC: What is your  “official title” at CXC?

CC:   I am the Director of Caretaking and Maintenance.

CXC:  How long you’ve been with CXC?

CC: 6 months.

CXC:  What compels you to live, work, and practice here at CXC?

CC:   I’m drawn to the Center by the presence of the spiritual teacher and founder angel Kyodo williams. The Teacher, as we often call her, is a driving force behind progressive ideas related to social justice work. I do not have a social justice background. However, I realize that there must be freedom and justice for everyone in order for freedom and justice to exist at all. The work that I do here at the Center directly supports the work done by the Center.  The opportunity to participate in a formal practice environment is quite wonderful. The only places that I know of that would allow me to lead a formal practice life are monasteries located in very remote rural areas. Living at the Center allows me to maintain some social contacts and enjoy a life outside of my live, work, and practice community.

CXC:   What is it like to be be a core resident practitioner in this intentional practice community?

CC:   Becoming a residential practitioner at the Center has been quite challenging and I have had to tighten-up, step-it-up, open up to love, the truth and carry my practice from the cushion/mat into every aspect of my being. It has enhanced my experience of living in a very good way.

CXC:   What do you want folks to know about CXC?

CC:   I want folks to know that the Center for Transformative Change is really is about changing the way change is done. It seems a bit odd when you first hear it, but if you give yourself the opportunity soon enough you’ll come to know the full meaning of the statement.

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