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real and not real

i have found the thinking, choices, behavior and resulting consequences of our people so incomprehensible at a heart level, that my mind has refused to put words to a phenomena that seems beyond them.

SIT for Change is Coming September 18

Join America’s next great movement: inner change for social change.
Participate Nationwide. Get informed today. Register beginning June 1st.

Gihan Perera | A Declaration for a Free Arizona

Gihan Perera has become a nationally recognized progressive movement leader, organizer, and strategist. He began his activism as a student in high school in Los Angeles and then at UC Berkeley. While organizing against the first Gulf War, Perera hosted a radio program on a local station melding his passion for social and racial justice and music. In 1999, together with Tony Romano, he founded the Miami Workers Center (MWC), a dynamic organization which plays a leading role locally and nationally in the social justice movement.

Transformative Track at US Social Forum | June 22-26, 2010 | Detroit, MI

Last month, we shared with you the plans in progress of the Transformative Intermediary Group & Gatherers for the upcoming USSF. There are many avenues of discovery and ways to get involved at the Forum. One such way is the Transformative Track. The Transformative Track is being stewarded by CXC and also includes the following transformative social change field intermediaries: Stone Circles, Social Justice Leadership, Movement Strategy Center, and Generative Somatics.

Twelve Months of fearless Yoga Asana | Salabhasana

The fourth Asana (posture) in the fearlessYoga flow, is “Salabhasana” or “Locust Posture.” This ‘baby backbend’ posture helps us to strengthen the muscles of the spine, buttocks, and the backs of the arms and legs. It also stretches the shoulders, chest, belly, and thighs. Some additional benefits include improving posture, stimulating abdominal organs, and stress relief.

CXC Graduates First fearlessYOGA Teacher Training Graduates

CXC has just completed the pilot program for the most comprehensive, inspired, innovative, and transformative yoga teacher trainings available today. On April 28, 2010, CXC’s fearlessYOGA School, a Yoga Alliance registered school, graduated 6 new fearlessYOGA Instructors/Teacher-candidates and the first full-fledged certified fearlessYOGA Teacher.

Accelerate to Your Ideal Weight

Rather than focus on all the things we know we could be doing, but for whatever reason are not, today’s article is focused on a few simple healthy options for weight management I’ve leared from the 100+ dietary theories I’ve studied.

Miami Workers Center

Isn’t it inspiring to know there are people who actually care about other people and are willing to do whatever is necessary to uplift humanity from burdens of economic imbalance and heavy societal conditioning embedded within collective consciousness?

What’s Driving You? 5th Annual Inner Justice Intensive | July 3 – 10

Offered only once a year, here is an opportunity for all activists, allies and agents of social change to take time to pay attention to what fundamentally drives us all: our inner life. There’s no thing we can “do” that’s more useful to what we “do.” Be more than a social justice activist, BE a social justice practitioner.


“Fire cannot extinguish fire, war cannot solve disputes. Enmity cannot overcome enmity; it can be overcome only with love. Disputes can be settled through dialogue and negotiation, not by war.” -Siddhartha Gautama Buddha

Nationwide SIT for Change is Coming | September 18

Upcoming: 1) CXC is hiring. 2) Once a year opportunity for 7 days of deep practice for activists, allies and agents of social change. 3) SIT for Change is coming September 18th. Get involved in America’s next great movement: an inner one.