Accelerate to Your Ideal Weight

Accelerate To Your Ideal Weight by Tracey Lee Jones
Time is ticking away, and our lives seem to just keep getting busier and busier! With all the hustle and bustle it seems more and more challenging to carve out time for regular physical activity, making home cooked meals, or eating fresh and local. Rather than focus on all the things we know we could be doing, but for whatever reason are not, today’s article is focused on a few simple healthy options for weight management I’ve learned from the 100+ dietary theories I’ve studied. This way you are being met at this specific moment in your life, and you can pick and choose the things that make sense that will be easy for you to integrate into your buzzing life!

1. Eat Fat Melting Foods

Here are 3 natural, tasty, fat melting veggies that can be easily incorporated into your day to assist with flushing fat. Since they are all roots, they also have a natural grounding effect when eaten!

Beets are blood purifiers that have the ability to get rid of hanging fat by cleansing blood corpuscles that can control fat sediments.

Carrots contain Carotene that turns into Vitamin A in your intestines and gives your metabolism a boost to work rapidly in order to let your cells respond to eradicating fat deposits.

Radishes (especially Daikon radish) have an elevated intensity of iron and magnesium to assist with cleaning your mucous membrane to melt fat in your cells.

2. Read for Red Flags

The reality of today’s fast past environment is that a lot of food comes in bags, boxes, bottles, and cans for convenience. The good news is that we have many options!! One simple trick is to read food labels for Red Flags and choose the better option.

One example of a Red Flag is High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS).

High Fructose Corn Syrup can be found in a variety of snack foods and beverages. It actually confuses the hormone trigger that tells your body when to stop eating! Have you ever eaten one half to a full bag of chips in one sitting? Hello HFCS!

3. Drink A Glass of Water First Thing in the Morning

Water is the elixir of life. In Native American, Aryuvedic, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Macrobiotic cultures it is very important to drink pure water first thing upon waking up in the morning. 75% of the cells in your body are made up of water and by drinking fresh water first thing in the morning your body will become immediately rehydrated after a night of sleeping (fasting). The hydration will accelerate the body’s ability to metabolize fat and flush toxins rather than storing cholesterol as a protection against dehydration!

You’ve got a goal in mind of your ideal weight for this particular time in your life. It all starts with one baby step! If any of these simple tips resonated with you- start today and take your journey one simple step at a time!

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Tracy Lee Jones is founder of Tracy Lee Jones Companies, an organization dedicated to empowering women to discover their full potential by taking a holistic approach to nourishing their body and spirit. Her vision is that the power of radiant, healthy women can penetrate the depth of negativity to influence the well being of the world!

Tracy is a lifelong seeker and is a certified Wellness Coach, Yoga Instructor, Energy Balancer, and Meditation Facilitator. She has been featured in a variety of corporate, private, and public publications with her wellness column. Tracy hosts wellness events in person, online, and via teleconference that transform lives. She works with corporations, groups, and individuals to create a customized, blended model approach to help clients discover their own path towards health and happiness.

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