CXC Graduates First fearlessYOGA Teacher Training Graduates

top: Lisa Garrett (left), chandra thuy tran, Muki Villanueva; bottom: Jocelyn Jackson (left), Oya Llansa Sherrills, Gail Parris, Faith Bynoe

CXC has just completed the pilot program for one of the most comprehensive, inspired, innovative, and transformative yoga teacher trainings available today.  On April 28, 2010, CXC hosted fearlessYOGA School, a Yoga Alliance registered school, graduated 6 new fearlessYoga Instructors/Teacher-candidates and the first full-fledged certified fearlessYoga Teacher.

For 28 days, six days a week, from 6am to 9:30pm, these women of color from all over the country, demonstrated dedication, enthusiasm, consistency, creativity, flexibility, endurance, and integrity as they learned sanskrit, the Warrior Series flow, anatomy and physiology, nutrition and wellness, personal ecology, a liberating teaching methodology, meditation, ethics and history, and most importantly, every aspect was grounded in a social justice framework. Unfailingly and radiating joy, they showed up time and time again, bringing ‘everything they got’  to each of the seminars, practicums, and practice sessions.

By their own right, a future issue of transform. will highlight each of these women. Until then, know that these intrepid warriors, changemakers, and first inaugural graduates of the fearlessYoga Teacher Training are:

    Faith Bynoe

    Lisa Garrett

    Jocelyn Jackson

    Gail Parris

    Oya Llansa Sherrills

    chandrashekara thuy tran (FIRST certified fearlessYOGA teacher)

    Karen Muktayani Villanueva

fYTT’s design is especially oriented towards activists and people that want to change the world. Founder by the prolific maverick spiritual teacher/author/activist, angel Kyodo williams, fearlessYOGA is the first approach to yoga specifically designed to address the needs of social change activists, agents and allies:

  • Rooted in a social justice context, the system utilizes series of asana sequences that go through all core actions of the body, a unique incremental approach of “dynamic doing,” body-breath-mind alignment and cultivating “fearless” Presence to form an accessible, yet sophisticated and powerful new approach to yoga practice and teaching.
  • fearlessYoga’s “effort and release” foundation is a masterful distillation of classic Yoga Sutras as could only be expressed by a master teacher. With an emphasis on using relationship to:

– appreciation and alignment of body, breath and mind

– discovering one’s own best effort

– learning to “back off” rather than overdoing that leads to self-injury, and

– developing personal practice within community

Rich with metaphors that reveal how we approach life through how we show up on the mat, lessons for living a just, sustainable, compassionate life are embedded into the teaching and the practice itself. Every aspect of fearlessYoga is designed to move the practitioner towards greater transformation from the inside out.

Liberated from mainstream commercialization that trades tradition for expensive gimmicks,  fearlessYoga reclaims and reframes yoga’s universal benefits as a practice for everyone, everywhere of every color and every body. It is truly “Yoga Built for Justice.”

Congratulations to the fearlessYoga Teacher Training graduates and help celebrate this historic occasion by making a donation to support this groundbreaking work here:

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