SIT for Change is Coming September 18

Take a Stand: SIT for Change is Coming!
September 18, 2010 | National Day of Transformative Change
3rd Annual SIT-A-THON

Join America’s next great movement: inner change for social change.

Participate Nationwide. Get informed today. Register beginning June 1st.

How to Participate:

Individuals: embody your commitment to social change grounded in inner change on September 18.  For 108 minutes your practice will help raise awareness and build a more effective social justice movement. You can participate from wherever you are: National. Virtual. Bay Area.

Organizations: become a ChangePartner with the only fundraising event of its kind, promoting inner awareness and transformative social change in collaboration nationwide.  Raise funds for your organization simply while furthering your organization’s mission.

Volunteers: support work that aligns with your heart. Support needed: Outreach, Admin, Sponsorship Solicitation and much more.

Vendors: offer mission-aligned merchandise and reach hundreds of people that want to support eco-friendly, socially conscious, products.

Proceeds of SIT for Change benefit the Transformative Change Fund. The fund was created to develop national low and no-cost inner awareness programs, including meditation and yoga, to encourage and empower individuals doing work to change the world lead more balanced, compassionate, sustainable lives. The fund is housed with Center for Transformative Change, a 501c3, nonprofit educational organization. All contributions are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

What is SIT for Change like?

Below is a chance to see what SIT for Change 2009 was like. While the pictures are fantastic, what’s most powerful are the words angel Kyodo williams speaks about how far we need to go to change. She speaks to the collective impact of our decisions to transform our lives and become our best selves. How would the world look if we did that? Dive down into your own cocoon to see what butterfly emerges:

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