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imagining the world that’s possible

I believe this different world is not only possible, but that it can be manifest by achieving a tipping point: one that is ushered in through the existing networks of individuals, informal groups, communities and organizations that are striving for justice in all arenas of society.


Block out your calendars and pack your bags! We’re heading to the US Social Forum (USSF) to stir things up and make things right… In fact, this entire June issue of transform is dedicated to highlighting this year’s forum in Detroit. You, Us and Them are ready to make change happen. We have an opportunity […]

Akaya Windwood | “… but I won’t be worried long.”

What is your relationship to worry? Akaya Windwood, President and CEO of Rockwood Leadership Institute, invites us to look at the impact that worry has on our inner and outer lives.


“With the awareness that comes from being in relationship to one’s inner life, we can sow the field in which our motivations grow, so that our good intentions for true justice will seed more solutions, rather than aggression; deeper connection, rather than separation; sustainability, rather than burnout. “ —angel Kyodo williams, Founder, Center for Transformative […]

newDharma talk | True Community

True Community (transcription of talk given by Rev. angel Kyodo williams, 2006) It’s funny how that happens…when everything is a metaphor for our lives. We do things in a certain way and they seem to work. I mean, how long have we been using this mic? We’ve been using this mic for a while now […]

Make Your Voice Heard

transform. is looking for ongoing contributors to the blog that publishes stories exclusively on the field of transformative social change, featuring exciting, fresh, and updated news, blogs, articles, stories, events, information and resources galore.

Twelve Months of Abhaya fearless Yoga Asana | Dvipada Pitham

As we work towards creating another world, transforming from the inside out, we will likely encounter stress. Stress in our bodies, stress in our minds, stress in our relationships, and on and on. Practice Dvipada Pitham, Two-legged Desk, to help mitigate the current and future stress we may experience.

changing the WAY change is done | USSF Transformative Practice Track

Excitement is building as the Transformative Practice Track debuts at the USSF. This track consists of various workshops, presentations, assemblies, gatherings, and deep practice opportunities that will be held during the entirety of the forum.

June 2010 Resources

This month we are revisiting the core vision of Tikkun/Network of Spiritual Progressives (NSP). The NSP core vision is founded on giving central focus to a spiritual vision, a vision that creates a real alternative to the political Right, to the fundamentalists (religious and political), and to our society’s ethos of selfishness, materialism and cynicism. […]

USSF Transformative Practice Track Workshops

Want to know what workshops are being offered by the USSF Transformative Practice Canopy partners? Look no further…here’s a complete listing of their USSF offerings.

Ai-Jen Poo | Organizing With Love

Ai-Jen Poo shares her views on transformative organizing, social justice movement work, collaborative dialogues, and important organizing principles and political lessons learned from over 15 years doing organizing work. Interview reprinted from the Organizing Upgrade website.

Frameworks from the Field | Out of the Spiritual Closet

There are different frameworks for understanding the connection between spirituality and social justice. Read about them in Movement Strategy Center’s report, “Out of the Spiritual Closet.”