Health and Healing Justice at USSF

The Health, Healing & Environmental Justice Group is a collaboration between a national network of healers and healing justice organizers who have joined together to promote healing and wellness as integral to social justice work at the USSF.   They are calling for volunteers, medical supply donations and general support. They are seeking health practitioners to help build the Health and Healing Justice Practice Space, as well as to take part in mobile wellness and safety teams for the entire forum.
from their page on the USSF website:
About our Efforts and the Need for Support
Detroit is a place of creating collective solutions to the issues of our day. We know to improve communities, we must work together to build healthy spaces and holistically integrate health and healing in all we do. Thousands of people from all walks of life are expected to be in Detroit from June 22-26, and volunteers are coming together to implement and live out this commitment. Your help is needed on our Health & Healing Justice Committee!
If you are interested in volunteering or donating, please visit:
more information on the Health & Healing Justice Practice Space:
We want to invite U S Social Forum participants to build a communal space of healing and transformation. We will be creating a space for transformational practices of individual and collective healing to respond to the traumatic conditions in our communities and to provide wellness and safety at the US Social Forum in Detroit.
The Healing Space will be located in the Downtown Detroit Civic Center and will include:
(a) A silent area that can be used for reflection, meditation and group engagement
(b) An area that can be used for healing arts such as reiki, massage, yoga, etc. and
(c) A space for quiet conversation, dialogue, writing, and art as reflective practice
For more information:

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