changing the WAY change is done | USSF Transformative Practice Track

Excitement is building for the Transformative Practice Track’s debut at the USSF.  This track consists of various workshops, presentations, assemblies, gatherings, and deep practice opportunities that will be held during the entire forum.

Scheduled highlights include Practice Every Minute, where activists will have the opportunity to engage in various inner awareness practices like meditation, yoga, jo kata, centering, and more. This will happen EVERY single moment at the Transformative Practice Canopy, in addition to the various workshops offered by various transformative field intermediaries.

Also, collective Daily Practice will begin each day at the forum.  Twenty minutes of quiet meditation will  be offered each day, followed by a complementary practice for 30-40 minutes.  This kind of space and time will help to anchor the work of the USSF by grounding participants’ commitments to developing leadership, vision and strategies in self-honoring, self-reflection, and wholeness.  It will provide an opportunity for all forum participants to experience the transformative nature of inner practice.

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