Block out your calendars and pack your bags! We’re heading to the US Social Forum (USSF) to stir things up and make things right… In fact, this entire June issue of transform is dedicated to highlighting this year’s forum in Detroit.

You, Us and Them are ready to make change happen. We have an opportunity to move away from the old constructs of separation, scarcity and subjugation and shape new paradigms of connectedness, fairness and truth. But before we transform our old habits, we need to start from a personal place: transformation of ourselves. Because to effectively change the world, we must first change ourselves.

CXC supports all USSF participants in creating essential shifts in their lives. We’ve got simple, accessible ingredients for you to create your own transformative change: fearlessYoga, fearlessMeditation, Jo Kata, and Universal Form. Together with other workshops and experiences that await at the forum, these rich offerings for mind/body/spirit are the first steps on a path of personal RE-evolution.

Join CXC and 20,000 other social justice activists this summer for one of the most valuable gatherings in our lives. Together with the many important voices of the social justice movement, we can–and will–take charge of our reality. Another you is possible; another us is necessary .

To find out more about The US Social Forum, please go to: http://www.ussf2010.org

See you there!

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