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Framing Deep Change | NEW Publication

newDharma Talk | Atonement

During retreats and ceremony at the Center participants recite the Verse of Atonement. It helps us reflect on all of who we have been so that we can completely accept all of who we are. This particular talk gives us a chance to consider what it might mean to integrate all parts of ourselves: the ugly, the pretty, the humble, the forceful.


Traditionally, the July issue is transform.‘s “Best of Issue”.  This July is no different. Something powerful happens when we take time to reflect on moments in life where critical points of transformation and growth happened. We all know that being the change we want to see in the world takes deep reflection, constant nurturing and consistent […]

Making Connections | Statewide Parent Network & stone circles

Seasons Fund for Social Transformation highlights the relationship between Statewide Parent Network of New Jersey and stone circles in North Carolina.  In this reprint of their case study, we see how when leadership boldly supports and encourages new perspectives of the mind and heart, especially in the midst of transition, how ultimately in  service of shifting organizational culture and beyond.

What’s Behind the Whole Foods Buycott?

Can social change actions be deeply radical — meaning going to the root — and help create the world we want to see, rather than only tear down what we don’t like and still work? Read this reprint of “What’s behind the Whole Foods buycott?” from September 2009 issue to recall a revolutionary way to do direct action.

Grace Lee Boggs | The Answers are Coming from the Bottom

A reprint of Democracy Now!’s June 2010 interview with Grace Lee Boggs, “a Detroit-based radical organizer and philosopher. Born to Chinese immigrant parents in 1915, Grace Lee Boggs has been involved with the civil rights, Black Power, labor, environmental justice, and feminist movements over the past seven decades. Along with her late husband Jimmy Boggs, Grace has been at the forefront of efforts to rebuild urban communities.”

Lighten Up and Enjoy All That You Are Now

This is a reprint from the March 2010 issue of transform. It is a great reminder of what it means to celebrate the planting of new seeds and celebrating how far you’ve come.

Report Back from USSF | Practice Every Moment and A Movement Defined

Thousands of activists from all over the nation gathered in Detroit last month for the US Social Forum. The 5 day gathering was jam-packed full of workshops, people’s movement assemblies, direct actions, plenaries, performances, cultural events, healing events, and more.


Here are some of our ‘best of’ resources from the past year.  Watch brain scientist, Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor’s fascinating TED talk on surviving a stroke. She reminds us of our interconnectedness and how human beings have the powerful gift of choice to embody that connection.  Learn more about street retreats as a powerful practice […]

and justice for all

Start the movement toward dismantling punitive justice and discovering the justice that comes from love: What is it that we have to see? What do we have to deconstruct? What are we holding onto that it’s time to dismantle in our own hearts so that we can create more space for real justice? This is justice that arises, not out of a sense of punishment, but out of a sense of love, justice that serves and embodies love. Not justice that is confused and mistaken for punishment.

Darg Team | From Gaza to Berkeley

DARG Team, the hip-hop group from Gaza, struggled to get permission and passports, and is finally on their world tour, including a very special stop in downtown Berkeley to perform at MLK Civic Center Park at SIT for Change, National Day of Transformative Change, September 18, 2010.

Take a Stand…SIT for Change | Saturday, September 18, 2010

Join the movement for Transformative Social Change. On Saturday, September 18, 2010, celebrate the National Day for Transformative Change. People, communities, and organizations across the country join together to Take a Stand…and Sit for Change by participating in events featuring various forms of transformative practice.