Report Back from USSF | Practice Every Moment and A Movement Defined

fearlessYOGA class @ USSF June 2010

Thousands of activists from all over the nation gathered in Detroit last month for the US Social Forum.  The 5-day gathering was jam-packed full of workshops, plenaries, performances, direct actions,  cultural events, healing events, people’s movement assemblies, and more.

The Transformative Intermediaries Group  (TIGgers-CXC, stone circles, Social Justice Leadership, Generative Somatics, Movement Strategy Center, and Rockwood Leadership Institute), organized and stewarded a People’s Movement Assembly (PMA) that sought to define transformation for social change.  A diverse group of about 50 activists gathered together to participate in somatic exercises rich discussions that led to a a number of resolutions that name, frame, and define the Transformative Social Change movement.

The resultant document is true amalgamation of fresh new writings from experienced leaders in the field of Transformative Change and affirmation from  the PMA participants.

fearlessMEDITATION I: Practice of the Body @ USSF June 2010

In addition, the TIGgers were able to provide all USSF participants with the opportunity to access transformative ‘practice every minute’  while at the forum.  For each of the five days, a transformative practice and/or workshop was held at the Transformative Practice space.  Consistent periods of sitting meditation, yoga, film viewing and discussion, jo kata practice, tai chi, and more were offered.  For many activists, this was their first exposure to transformative practice.  All that experienced the transformative practice space expressed their gratitude for the chance to still themselves and replenish their spirits during the busy week at the forum.

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