Traditionally we are at the phase in the year when the power of the god wanes as the power of the goddess waxes: the purposeful, solar energy of Leo yields to the fertility of Virgo, bearer of grain and the future harvest.

August has been celebrated as a time for harvest.  The Feast of Lammas (from the old English word hlaf-maesse or loaf mass) is celebrated in English-speaking countries as a way of welcoming the harvest. During the celebration “participants bake ritual bread and cakes as an offering.” The Egyptian calendar notes the Chief Festival of Thoth (the god who invented magic, music, writing, mathematics, astronomy, etc.) as a time when new patterns of earthly order were determined to re-establish divine design after the flood waters receded. Both are festivals, celebrations of harvest.

We can utilize the leonine energy of August to help us take more of a leadership role in realizing our true purpose, if we so choose. We can use this time to let the fires burn away all that is ready to die and make room for the new life to come. What will you decide to harvest this year? What are the ingredients that will create the life you want to live?

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