Doing Good Work

In light of the fall equinox, reflection, action and change, we thought it was appropriate to feature those that are doing good work out in the field. It’s always inspiring to come across like-minded folks that inspire one another through their efforts to manifest change.

This month we’d like to honor and say thank you to The Interaction Institute for Social Change (IISC). They are all about Goodness and Action.

The Interaction Institute for Social Change (IISC) is a nonprofit organization that harnesses the power of collaboration within the social sector to create a just and sustainable world. IISC builds the collaborative and leadership capacity of social change agents through process design and facilitation, consulting, and training, and by modeling the behaviors and transferring the skills and tools of collaboration.

Interaction Associates (IA) founded IISC in 1993 as an expression of its commitment to social change and as a way of bringing its collaborative methodologies into the social sector. IISC adapted IA’s methodologies and created new and innovative approaches to working with and meeting the needs of social change leaders. Over time, IISC has grown from a staff of two to an organization of twenty staff members and a cadre of affiliates who have worked with thousands of change agents across the globe and social sector.

They have a blog full of juicy content that will keep you engaged and creatively activated. To dive deeper into the amazing work if IISC, we invite you to go to their blog and website.

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