a nation SAT for Change

At this moment, just after the 3rd Annual SIT for Change, it is a time to reflect on what was accomplished by 2010 SIT for Change, and what remains to be accomplished.

The Outcome of SIT for Change was 8 ChangePARTNER organizations, and 26 registered SIT for Change Participants, including 3 that earned awards!

SIT for Change had a number of of new partners who, perhaps for the first time (or first time with concerted emphasis), meditated as a part of their social change work.

For example, Grassroots Global Justice Association (GGJ) encouraged their folks to “sit in any position – even on the couch with the remote control in your hand – for the cause you struggle for.” This was a great example of bringing new people into the inner change fray who have a great commitment to outer collective change.

Then there were SIT for Change’s new sponsors and donors in 2010: Kaiser Permanente, Whole Foods, Sunrise Center, Berkeley Bowl, Inflatable Zafus from Caroline Morning, Divine Organics, Visionary Culture Radio, and Superfood Snacks. These businesses came on board to support the approach of bridging inner transformation and social justice.

Among the most significant results, the world heard the consistent message that our every choice, originating with our consciousness, thoughts, words, deeds, and relationships, is part of the path of awakening and who we are as a species, grounded in the values of justice, sovereignty, equality, respect, ecology, inherent natural rights, and peace.

Most of importantly of all, the Center for Transformative Change thanks you for SITting for Change.

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