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Web of Change connects the foremost thinkers and do-ers in social media, technology, and social change. Together this is a growing community of leaders working for transformation of our organizations and our world.

Web of Change has become the leading convener of North America’s social change and technology community. The flagship retreat, Web of Change at Hollyhock, connected the senior leaders in this vibrant space for a 4 night intensive retreat.  We are pleased to bring you these dispatches:

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From participant, Ian:

I think our minds are still being blooooown. 😀

I posted the questions people wrote and posted to the wall:
I also posted my Ignite “Stay In The Game!”:
I definitely have more to say as it drops in and am excited to read what others are sharing, too.

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From participant, Gibran:

“Our Web of Change”

It has been a week and I’m still processing what happened.  Web of Change was AMAZING!  One of the most significant events I have had the privilege of facilitating.  We framed it as an experiment – and it was.


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