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stay in the game

The complexity of our desires are matched only by the boundlessness of our Vision for an America that can embrace us all. The depths of our disappointment can only be measured against the grand heights of our Hope. The revelation of flaws is a testament to our Faith. But we have Vision and we have Hope and we have Faith. We must stay in the game.

October 2010 Practice Schedule

Owing to the exciting and new strategic alliance with YES!, CXC’s practice schedule will be modified for the month of October to allow for the transition to happen in a good way.


Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King, the Revolutionary Learn more about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. than mass media will ever reveal. After more than a decade of serious contemplation, King unwaveringly concluded that no war is worth sacrificing children to. He said, “More and more I have come to the conclusion that the potential destructiveness […]