Back on the Block

The New Dharma Community is back full force.

And we’re shaping up for the new year by bringing attention to the practices that transform lives–because a transformative movement is nothing without practice. And it’s nothing without community. So we’re re-introducing and refining ways to make what we do accessible to folks in the field.

Along with the 27 Days of Change, which is where we’ve been focusing our practice this past year, we’re going to be bringing in a few changes: “naked” sits, plunges (e.g., practices like vision quest that go way beyond the cushion), an opening up of the path for those who want to become a student or practitioner, a return of the Thursday night community meal and…more dharma talks.  Of course, we’ll still offer the New Dharma standards: fearlessYoga, fearlessMeditation, Universal Form, and the 3-1 “jo kata” centering practice on a regular basis.

The idea behind naked sits should give you a taste of what we’ll be doing.  (And, yes, sorry to disappoint, but we’re not going to be sitting in our birthday suits.) We are looking to have fewer of the bells (literally) and whistles (not so literally) folks associate with sitting: chants, bows, more bows, more chants. We know that all that bowing and chanting can seem like a lot if you’re new to meditation, so if you want to come and just sit, you can do that with less ceremony.

Overall we want to offer what we do to more and more folks and encourage the curious, especially activist- oriented folks, to join us in this practice.

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