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What are the things we need to do to really Be the Change we wish to see in the world? Solve political conflicts? Save the environment? And more than that, how can we show up as we are and be seen? Listen to this new Dharma Talk (from our June 2010 edition) to discover the value of being who you ARE in community.

“The difference between coasting along in the everyday world and developing relationship with true sangha (community) is that your sangha commits to not participating in the agreements that keep you in your illusion. That doesn’t mean that they fix you, (and) that doesn’t mean that they have a right to interfere in your life. What it means is that they make an agreement to not put the blinders on whenever you ask them to. It means they break the covenant of “I won’t say anything, if you don’t say anything” by being willing to bear witness to the truth of how it is that we’re showing up in the world.”

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