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Original article by angel Kyodo williams for MTX.

Rev. angel Kyodo williams, the “changeangel” activist, maverick spiritual teacher, Zen priest and author of Being Black: Zen and the Art of Living With Fearlessness and Grace introduces MTX: Mind Training and Xformation, a hip, modern, practical life-transformation training that you can do (can only do) from the midst of your very own life.

Mind Training and Xformation (MTX) is a free weekly series of short training slogans: essential instructions for rolling up your sleeves and engaging your life as if you mean it. (You can think of them as proverbs on steroids.)

Based on the thousand-year old classic Seven Points of Mind Training, ancient wisdom gets a 21st century makeover to deliver relevant teachings with depth and real-world usability.

But that’s not all. You also get real-time commentary on putting the slogans into practice–making them a Training– that challenges you to DO your life, to practice with the moment that’s in front of you, no matter the circumstances. It’s “How to Wake Up, Be Here and Be Fearless Now.”

When put to use, the Instructions literally train your mind and transform your thoughts. Training the mind to expand as wide as the ocean. Transforming thoughts that are small, dull, limiting, unskillful and self-involved into ones that are open, awake, receptive and prone to a boundless and empowering compassion for others.

There are 59 Mind Training slogans or Instructions. One Instruction will be issued each Monday (you know…give or take a day or three) so you get the entire week to live and put the instruction into practice. Every so often, a bonus Instruction will be included.

Each is accompanied by a brief commentary that brings the Instruction firmly into the context of our modern, urban lives. True to the changeangel’s form, she flexes comments so that they are accessible, down-to-earth, cut to the bone, discarding unnecessary jargon and gloss.

There may be a suggestion or two for how to apply the training, and answers to questions asked by you about the previous week’s trainings. Sometimes brash and always edgy, angel’s responses point to Freedom outside the box, reminding you over and over again that liberation is yours if you’re willing to wake up and be here now.

The best thing is that it doesnt matter what your faith or spiritual background is or isn’t. MTX are written instructions saying “turn LEFT here” that you can hold up next to your current spiritual Map/Quest.

If ever you wanted something tangible that leads you toward greater compassion and ease rather than just talking about it, this may be just the push you’re looking for. (For the history and background on MTX and the Instructions, see the next update.)

If you’re ready to ride, take your seat, fasten your belt, check you INBOX and don’t leave home without your MTX.

Training your mind, transforming your life…one week at a time.

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