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Goodbye 2010, hello 2011!

January was named after Janus, a two-faced Roman god who looked back at the old year and forward to the new year.  Even then, people were sorting out how well the previous year had gone and making resolutions for the new one.  All around the world, every culture has its own version of how to start the new year out right, whether they follow a solar or lunar calendar. The Chinese, for instance, clean their homes to sweep out bad fortune.  Black folks, with ties to the South (and white Southerners for that matter), eat collard greens for money and black-eyed peas for luck.  In Japan, people begin the new year with laughter for good luck.

So, how do you want to start things out?  Some of us go full steam ahead from midnight on the 1st of January until midnight on the 31st of December. Others of us figure it out as we go along. Almost all of us consider how we used to be, what we used to do, and how we can do it better. In this issue, we include some of the best articles of 2010 from transformative change organizations.  These were a few great about 2010.  Here’s to the fabulous stories of 2011.  Happy New Year!

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