Our Report Back 27 Days of Change | Winter 2010

capacity. Sustainability. PRESENCE.

Three times per year, the New Dharma Community sets aside 27 days for deep internal practice collectively supported within the community, known as Practice Periods.

While not everyone is able to go live in a monastic setting on a full-time basis, we can find greater alignment in our lives by setting a clear intention to engage our practice with intensity for a set period of time, inviting the deepened commitment, spiritual rigor, and, yes, sacrifice, that we associate with long retreats and monasteries. Practice Periods are designed to help accomplish that right here in the midst of our urban lives…where it matters, where it is most useful.

Thirteen people from around the country recently completed the winter 2010 Practice Period. Participants worked with many rich intentions to shift challenging relationships and perspectives to help find more space, self-awareness, and presence every day.  This 27 Days allowed us to test different online learning platforms and ways to stay engaged virtually. We also had a local opening ceremony and weekly check-ins both in-person and via telephone conference calls.

It is never too early to start preparing for the next 27 Days. In fact, the foundation rests on early preparation!   Join us for the 27 Days of Change | Spring 2011 Practice Period from March 1-27, 2011.

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