newDharma Talk | In the Country of the Self

We spend a lot of time trying to escape from ourselves. There are “good” escapes (helping others) and “bad” (running away from our responsibilities). We never seem to be content with our lives as they are. We somehow think that we need to be better, perfect, closer to our ultimate goal before we can really be of any use. Not so. Perhaps this talk will shed a little light on the importance of practicing just as we are.

“I am very, very content to just be here and to work with what I have. And not try to figure out how to have another life, how to have some life other than the one that’s in front of me. It seems like that’s what we’re often trying to do. We’re trying to figure out, How do I hurry up through this particular moment and get to another one? How do I? What kind of book can I read or video can I watch or guru can I see so that I don’t have to work on the material that I have in front of me myself. I want a little bit of a labor saving device, a labor saving machine.” ~ Rev. angel Kyodo williams

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