newDharma Talk | february 2011

Sometimes we get so caught up in our practice that we believe because we practice meditation we’re a little better than those who don’t. Or we believe that the way we practice is the only way to practice. When we lose ourselves to those things, we lose the path that can take us home. But we don’t have to. But we don’t have to. Listen to “Finding Our Own Way Home” for a few ways to see your relationship to your path more clearly.

“We are a different expression than a bumblebee, right? As human beings, we have a particular shared expression.  We’re a different expression than a rose. We’re not better expressions; we are different expressions.  And as human beings, the human family is one single expression. And so our experience, our ultimate experience of being fully connected with all that is has got to be the same.  The only thing that makes a difference is our small minds trying to create specialness out of a situation that is most, most ordinary.”

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