welcome | february 2011

As we do every February we’re taking a look at relationships, those that are harmonious and those that struggle for harmony. We can consider the changing relationship happening as we speak between Egyptian citizens and their government, and the constant struggle of what it means to be in relationship with the US as a Black American or as an immigrant.

It’s Black History Month and Valentine’s Day is on the horizon. It’s an excellent time to focus on how we are, to think beyond difference and consider how we want our relationships with one another to change. Probably the most challenging thing for all of us is learning how to be with other people in ways that are honest, vulnerable, respectful, balanced, and true. Being with ourselves in those same ways is not any easier. And yet, that’s what it’s all about, learning how to be ourselves every single moment and stumbling along until we find a way. All of our relationships (not just the romantic ones) bring us endless opportunities to check ourselves.

It’s been said that relationships hold three energies, our partners/friend’s/parent’s/sibling’s/co-worker’s/foe’s, our own, and the energy created by the relationship itself. Let’s think about making that triad one we can give our full selves to every day at every stumbling moment..

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