Archives for March 2011

Organizing Cools the Planet

Organizing Cools the Planet, a 56-page booklet written by Joshua Kahn Russell and Hilary Moore, presents hard won ideas and realizations about climate change, organizing, and working to “build a climate justice movement led by low-income people, communities of color, Indigenous, youth, and other constituencies most directly impacted by the crisis.”

EMEAC | Transformation in Detroit

When so many people have left Detroit, given up on Detroit, and let the bad economy beat them down, EMEAC has risen up during this time, seeing opportunity for reshaping areas…

newDharma Talk | The Third Noble Truth Part I

There’s pain and pain is inevitable, but misery is a choice.

The Price of Energy

The Church Rock uranium spill was an accident. The BP spill was an accident. The price of energy has become too high. When will we learn our lesson? Fossil fuels and nuclear energy are not worth it.

Dealing with Disaster

Indonesia. Katrina. Haiti. New Zealand. Japan. Myanmar. We can’t control the earth and what she does to realign herself. Change is the only constant. Big change can bring traumatic reaction we often hold in our bodies, minds…

Saving the World One Seed at a Time

We know that we need honey bees and honey bees are disappearing. We know GMOs and Monsanto spell trouble for our environment. But what we don’t know a lot about is how climate change will alter how our food grows.

when the people rise

Beyond survival and security, self-determination is the underpinning of justice…Beyond simple survival, being able to determine our own path is the hallmark of self-expression, self-fulfillment, and most importantly, self-love.

Reproductive Justice

ACRJ believes that reproductive justice will be achieved when all people have the economic, social and political power and resources to make healthy decisions about our gender, bodies and sexuality for ourselves, our families and our communities.