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real and not real: on border and divisions

We all make up stories about who we think other people are. And we make those divisions real,  forgetting about what is real and what does matter. In this reprint of angel Kyodo williams’ May 2010 article for transform., readers have a chance to rethink their ideas about borders and divisions. Rev. angel has been on […]

newDharma Talk | The Third Noble Truth Part II

Part Two of The Third Noble Truth focuses on the devastation of realizing how we have been and the steady work it takes to wake up. “I want to tell you in my experience, I don’t know anyone, and I don’t know of anyone, and I haven’t heard of anyone that has even peered at […]

Michael Meade | The Value of Young People

“Instead of a village waiting to receive the innate gifts of its children, youth become a burden, an increasing cost in a world where everything has a price.”

Marshall Ganz | Why Stories Matter

“A story communicates fear, hope, and anxiety, and because we can feel it, we get the moral not just as a concept, but as a teaching of our hearts. Most of our faith traditions interpret themselves as stories as they are teaching our hearts how to live as choiceful human beings.”

Releasing Big Wounds

Craniosacral Therapy, a physical practice with a light touch both realigns our bodies and, because of the memories our bodies hold, our minds. People report letting go of old perspectives, old stories, and old ways of living their lives.

Twelve Months of Abhaya fearless Yoga | Paschimottanasana

Our bodies contain a lot of wisdom. Martha Graham, a brilliant pioneer of modern dance, said, “The body never lies.” Our bodies are full of truth! If we practice tuning in, we can learn a lot and perhaps even honor what our bodies are telling us. The 8th posture in the Warrior Flow is paschimottanasa, […]

Read a Digital Story

“Personal narratives in digital media format can touch viewers deeply, moving them to reflect on their own experiences, modify their behavior, treat others with greater compassion, speak out about injustice, and become involved in…”

Listen from the Heart

Hearing is not considered as focused as listening. People hear with their ears, but listen with ear and heart. Listening to ourselves and others can provide opening for us.

Welcome | june 2011

We often think of storytelling as the thing a teacher, parent, or older sibling did when we were little. They’d sit beside us and read (or tell) a story. But stories are more than that; stories are primary to our lives. They are the way we communicate nearly everything, from the spoken to the unspoken. […]

may 2011

Find out what trainings, workshops, and events are happening in the field of transformative social change.

june 2011

The Goodman Center helps “nonprofits recruit, propose, persuade, and present more effectively.” They have a storytelling workshop that can help you tell the story of your organization. The Goodman Center In this document from Whole Communities, longtime political organizer Marshall Ganz shares how to offer your public story, and explains why it’s important to tell […]

The Power of Vulnerability

Brene Brown spent six years collecting people’s stories on vulnerability, the need to belong, and our profound interconnectedness. Her work reflects the importance of knowing oneself in order to understand humanity.