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photo by Zochi Alonzo Young


Conscious Embodiment/Leadership Embodiment (CE/LE) is coming to the Center for Transformative Change (CXC). Following a series of full-staff trainings with CE/LE founder, Wendy Palmer, four staff members of CXC are participating in the year-long CE/LE Teacher Training in 2011-2012.

The core principles of Wendy Palmer’s CE/LE work are in strong alignment with CXC’s core transformative practices of fearlessMeditation, fearlessYoga, and 3|1 Practice. This is no surprise since CXC founder, Rev. angel Kyodo williams studied with Wendy Palmer in the early 2000s.

In each of CXC’s core practices, inner awareness is cultivated with the intention of personal transformation leading to systemic transformation. With the advent of CE/LE, CXC gains another way to illuminate behavior patterns in individuals and organizations without judgement. With CE/LE, another tool for creating new choices become available. CE/LE core practices will be re-framed and re-shaped by both Williams and Palmer so it will be accessible and more applicable  to social justice activists, movement-wide.

Teacher trainees from CXC are Rev. angel Kyodo williams, Karen Muktayani “Muki” Villanueva, Sundaresvani Erica Grevemeyer, and Zochi Alonzo Young.

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