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Quoted text from Center for Digital Storytelling Web site.

The Center for Digital Storytelling (CDS) is dedicated to using story as a way to make an extraordinary difference in the lives of ordinary people. They use digital media to help individuals and organizations get their stories out into the world by partnering “with community, educational, and business institutions to develop large-scale initiatives using methods and principles adapted from [their] original Digital Storytelling Workshop.” They have a variety of workshops in the US, Canada, and Europe to support folks in the stories they have to tell. And there are plenty of stories on their Web site, from personal to social justice pieces, that show just what you can do with the stories you have.

One of the things that makes CDS’s work so fantastic is that they will customize a program for your organization. They determine what the organization needs based on who they are, their objectives, their interests, the work that they do, etc. They then assign a staff member best suited to help deliver the customized program.

CDS  believes “sharing stories can lead to positive change. The process of supporting groups of people in making media is just the first step. Personal narratives in digital media format can touch viewers deeply, moving them to reflect on their own experiences, modify their behavior, treat others with greater compassion, speak out about injustice, and become involved in civic in civic and political life. Whether online, in local communities, or at the institutional/policy level, the sharing of stories has the power to make a real difference.”

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