Releasing Big Wounds


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Original article on HeadSpace CranioSacral Therapy January 19, 2011.

Ever want to change your story? Craniosacral Therapy, a physical practice with a light touch both realigns our bodies and, because of the memories our bodies hold, our minds. People report letting go of old perspectives, old stories, and old ways of living their lives.

“The craniosacral system is a physiological system just like your respiratory and circulatory systems.  An important function of this system is the production, circulation, and re-absorption of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF).  Cerebrospinal fluid provides essential nourishment for the central nervous system (which regulates thoughts, emotions, actions, sensations, and basic body functions), helping it to maintain a consistent chemical balance, even when other conditions of the body are changing.  All of the critical functions that are mediated by the central nervous system are dependent upon supply of this fluid.  If the physiology of CSF is disturbed, the function of the central nervous system can be affected, with vast ramifications for the health of the whole body.” (Quote from Hummingbird Natural Health)

A craniosacral therapist gently touches the cranium, the tailbone or other parts of the body as seems appropriate in order to release energy that’s been trapped in the body for years—and because of that people are freed from old ways of being.

Fundamentally Cranio Sacral Therapy helps remove trauma from the body. This can be physical trauma, like a car accident, a fall on the back steps or a difficult birth. Trauma can also be emotional like a deep shock, prolonged unhappiness or witnessing violence.

Trauma leaves an imprint in the body, which over time can inhibit normal function and cause pain.

In the example of a car accident, the broken bones and lacerations caused by the accident will heal within a matter of months, but the physical after-effects can go on for years.

This is because the crash leaves a deep but subtle imprint in the body. Over time these imprinted patterns of restriction can inhibit the body’s natural function causing an array of symptoms, which progressively worsen.

The body tries to release these patterns of restriction from the moment they are imprinted.

Under the right circumstances it can spontaneously free itself of these restrictive patterns, but if the imprint is too intense it overwhelms the body’s ability to effect a release.

Cranio Sacral therapy works with this naturally occurring release mechanism, inducing the ‘right’ circumstances under which a natural release occurs.

With emotional trauma, the process of imprinting a restriction pattern happens in the same way. An intense emotional trauma can be imprinted in the body leaving restrictions, which can cause significant physical problems.


There are two aspects to the process of Cranio Sacral treatment.The first is to locate the primary restriction causing the problem. The second is to encourage this restriction to release.

We use highly refined palpatory skills to perceive areas of restriction. Palpation is defined as ‘examining by touch’ or ‘listening with the hands’.

It relates to how things feel with your hands. Rather than pushing or manipulating the body into a set or ‘correct’ position, we use techniques to assist the body to release its own restrictions.

When restrictions are released in this way they are gone for good. Once a treatment program is complete there are no follow up or maintenance programs.

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