june 2011

The Goodman Center helps “nonprofits recruit, propose, persuade, and present more effectively.” They have a storytelling workshop that can help you tell the story of your organization.

The Goodman Center

In this document from Whole Communities, longtime political organizer Marshall Ganz shares how to offer your public story, and explains why it’s important to tell it.

Marshall Ganz: Advice on Telling Our Public Stories

A second resource on the topic of telling a good story is an article from Northern California Grantmakers. Included are guidelines for telling a story as well as an excellent story sample.

Guide for Creating Grants that Tell Stories

An article by JD Lasica begins with a video and provides many resources for effective communication strategies relevant to social change organizations.

How Nonprofits Should be Using Storytelling

Council practice has recently become a popular choice for therapists, communities, families, and business organizations. In The Way of Council, author Jack Zimmerman provides a basic introduction and extensive coverage on leading council in a variety of situations.

The Way of Council

Learn more about Professor Mary Evelyn Tucker (she’ll be at the Bioneers 2011 conference). She “weaves our personal and diverse cultural and cosmological narratives together for the sake of creating a just and sustainable future for all life.”

The Power of Story

Here are 3 quick tips from our editor on getting your stories, proposals, newsletters, etc. together. These are helpful for folks who don’t spend a lot of time with words and good reminders for those who do.

3 Quick Tips on Writing Well


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