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What is Transformative Change?

angel Kyodo williams, dharma teacher, author, and activist, eloquently answers the question, “What is Transformative Change?” Enjoy these highlights from her keynote address, from CXC’s 2009 event, SFC | Sit for Change.

Money on Trees | Hidden Leaf

“Hidden Leaf’s philanthropy is grounded in the belief that the worldview and practices of the dominant society must undergo fundamental changes for humankind to pursue a more just, ecologically healthy, and compassionate society.”

Welcome | july 2011

In this issue we wanted to take a look back at several of the stories we’ve included in transform. reflecting on their importance. Given that July is a month in which many, many countries have won their independence perhaps it’s appropriate. No doubt they were all looking toward where they were going, rejoicing about what […]

Finding Balance in Life

Many of us try to juggle things and endlessly search for some kind of balance in life. The question we should ask is whether we need balance or just to be able to stand on solid ground?

The Revolution Will Not Be Tweeted

Last year Malcolm Gladwell expressed his own ideas about how our social networks fit with the idea of making lasting change. In his article he asks: Are people who log on to their Facebook page really the best hope for us all?

Hard Stop | Just Stop

Transformation is like a caterpillar turning into the butterfly. Change is like Cinderella’s coach turning back into a pumpkin as the clock strikes twelve.

newDharma Talk | The Four Actions

Gandhi was fond of speaking about the fact that there was always truth in the other’s story and that it was our job to look for the truth that existed on the so-called other side…

quote | july 2011

“The future depends on what you do today.” Mohandas K. Gandhi, political and ideological leader of India

july 2011

The Age of Peace In an article that appeared in the August 2010 issue of Smithsonian magazine, Carolyn O’Hara examines demographic research concerning the benefit of a maturing population as a factor for establishing peace in the world. Meet the Movement for a New Economy An article that appeared in the May 26, 2011, issue […]

july 2011

Find out what trainings, workshops, and events are happening in the field of transformative social change.

doing darkness: change vs. transformation

…it’s the sun that dragon and butterflies need to fly…but they need the dark to grow their magic wings. So do we. It is only once we emerge from the darkness that we will dare cast off our hardened shells to truly take flight.

Wisdom from Jodie’s House

i believe that if you just do your little bit without thinking of the bigness of what you stand against, if you turn to the enlargement of your own capacities, just that in itself creates new potential.