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Hidden Leaf is one of a handful of organizations that supports the work of transformative change organizations around the country. Yet they’re different from even those organizations as their “mission is to expand inner awareness within social change organizations in order to enhance the effectiveness of the progressive movement.” They believe working on inner awareness is the most effective way for society to undergo significant social change.

“Hidden Leaf Foundation’s philanthropy is grounded in the belief that the worldview and practices of the dominant global society must undergo fundamental changes for humankind to pursue a more just, ecologically healthy, and compassionate society. [They] also believe that the work of manifesting inner wisdom in the outer world is an essential pathway for advancing such a life-affirming society. Thus, Hidden Leaf’s mission is to expand inner awareness within social change organizations in order to enhance the effectiveness of the progressive movement.

“Many funders implicitly value strong leaders for their capacity to lead with grace, wisdom, and vision. Rarely though do funders directly support the very practices and trainings that enable individuals and organizations to lead effectively or to develop the self awareness necessary to communicate clearly, collaborate boldly, and create allies out of adversaries. In fact, many foundations and donors have been skeptical about supporting what they might call “personal growth work” for non-profit staff. In the past few years though, many activists and funders alike have been waking up to the profound value of leaders who bring astute personal awareness to their work for justice and ecological balance. In fact, a handful of funders now recognize that transformative practices — for individuals, organizations, and movements — are critical to transforming the way progressive social change happens in this country.

“These funders are now encouraging their grantees to make use of the transformative practices that are available for non-profits. These funders want to see their grantees attending retreats and trainings to practice what Hidden Leaf calls “the inward gaze” — the capacity for internal reflection and analysis. They want to see contemplative practices (as simple as moments of silence) integrated into staff meetings. They want to see new personnel policies that include a commitment to truth telling and direct conflict resolution. They want to see campaign strategies that include work that aligns values and actions. These funders recognize that when organizations commit to transformative practices, they are more capable of successfully pursing their social change mission.”

Included here are organizations that have received support from Hidden Leaf: Urban Peace Movement, Asian Communities for Reproductive Justice, Spirit in Action, Rockwood Leadership Institute, Center for Transformative Change, stone circles, Generative Somatics, Forest Ethics, Miami Workers Center, Movement Strategy Center, and Buddhist Peace Fellowship.

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