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Justin Ancheta & Cradle Duende Upcoming Shows

Here is info about upcoming shows for Justin Ancheta & Cradle Duende who recently toured not by bus, not by plane, but by bike. Read the full article here and enjoy the commentary about the band below.  (Note: for the Web addresses on the upcoming show list, you must type in the url in your […]

A Look Back at Forward Thinking Leaders

Every month transform. features outspoken, dedicated leaders. Here are a handful who’ve inspired us in their tenacity, love, generosity, and in their ability to hold the complexities of humanity.

a more perfect union: using our wholebody

Our more perfect union will be neither this nor that. Leaving nothing and none of us behind, it will be WholeBody: a Third Way that embraces and embodies being fully Human: ever-evolutionary, ever-revolutionary, ever-dynamic and always Divine.