newDharma Talk | Freedom Beyond Hope & Fear

There’s a quote by Robert Schuller: “What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?” Here’s a similar question: “What would you let go of if you knew you could be free?” We’re not talking physical freedom, but freedom from your self, from your mind chatter, self-limitations, bad habits… While there aren’t prescriptions given here, there is plenty of real talk about the obstacles that keep us stuck right where we are.

“Folks want freedom; they just don’t want to give anything up for it. We don’t want to give up sleep; we don’t want to give up lots of food, using lots of resources. We don’t want to give up the little bits of attention that we can snatch here and there…And it’s the little part of you that needs to hold onto that, to that way other folks see you–the way people think about you–that is keeping you anchored, tethered, stuck in some moment other than this one here. So there will be pain, there will be loss, there will certainly be difficulty and challenges, but there’s only one Way. You must see clearly in order to be available to anyone or anything. And you cannot do that when you are mired in your own stuff.”

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