Howard Rheingold | Who Said Collaboration Wasn’t Sustainable?

As humans–being extremely complex, very intelligent, and oftentimes, narcissistic creatures–we often forget that we are animals.  Looking back at a time in which survival of the fittest meant that humans competed against each other, we are now beginning to realize and PRACTICE that species (in order to survive) must cooperate with each other.

In this month’s in Sight, Howard Rheingold elaborates on the biological forces of collaboration, and how the Internet is continuing to speed up our interconnectedness.

He says, “It’s a narrative spread across a number of different disciplines in which cooperation, collective action, and complex interdependencies play a more important role, and the central, but not all important role of competition and survival of the fittest shrinks just a little bit to make room.”

The Prisoner’s Dilemma is a well-known economic game that is often resolved by tit-for-tat.  If you help me, I’ll help you.  Since I helped you, you’ll help me. Based on a kinship model, this game assures the survival of our species.

Now I ask: since the earth, animals, mineral people have helped us so much, what is our code for reciprocity?  How do we continue to support our own sustenance by assuring the sustenance of the planet?

Watch Howard Rheingold’s TED Talk

Check out organizations that may help answer some of these questions after you tap into Howard Rheingold’s mind:

Ashoka Learn about an organization that creates an assurance game of sustainability for social entrepreneurs, connecting investors with people that have great ideas.

FreeFarm Learn about an organization of people that meditate together, eat together, and grow together to give away food in the Mission District in San Francisco

Charity Focus Learn about an organization that started by giving websites to non-profits and has evolved into the creator of “Happiness Cards” “Daily Good” and spirited “Wednesdays.”

Pachamama Alliance Learn about an organization that started the “Awakening the Dreamer Series,” a call for us to vision and create a more sustainable world.















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