newDharma Talk | The Value of Effort & Release

 As social change agents, we try to do too much because there is so much to do, and the need to get things done never seems to stop. But that endless action of doing, doing, doing begins to create imbalance in our lives and unsustainable work, action, etc. quickly follows. This dharma talk will remind you that we’re not meant to go all of the time, that rest rejuvenates, that taking care of ourselves is as important as any protest or any cause…after all, whatever we’re doing needs our best selves not the half self we so often give it. 

“[Effort and release are] the antidote for much of what plagues our movements for social justice and social change. We have this imbalance overall on the practice side, the effort side for good reason, right? The world is in a mess as far as we can tell. And so those of us who have made the decision to apply ourselves to the cleaning up of this mess become very fixated on the practice, the abhyasa (the effort), the what-needs -to-be-done, and there’s no room for the vairagya (the release). You wouldn’t even think such a thing. You are applauded the more hours you work; the more poorly you eat; the less you take care of your body. Haven’t seen your partner or family in weeks? Good. You’re changing the world.”

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