27 Days of Change | Fall 2011 Practice Period | Intention Form

Perfecting Perfection: Practice Period Intention Agreement

Fall 2011 | September 6 –  October 2

Giving: Selfless Service

I will deepen my engagement with the community and the world through the cultivation of selfless
service. My letting go practice is to give this amount of time ____________________
to the following project: _________________________________________________________________________________.

Ethics: Reducing Harm

I will bring my life into greater alignment with my purpose and values through the cultivation of self- responsibility and integrity. My harm reduction practice is to bring needed attention to this one of theFive Warrior Trainings [circle one:  non-harming, truthfulness, continence, non-stealing, non-attachment] and to reduce my footprint on the earth by __________________________________________________________________________________.

Patience: Reclaiming Relationship

I will strengthen my mind and heart to find creative responses to life’s challenges through the
cultivation of spaciousness and curiosity. My equanimity practice is to re-examine the following
difficult relationship or situation and find greater balance: ________________________________________________________________________________.

Effort: Choosing Life Every Day

I will shift the way I show up through the cultivation of consistency and sustained intention.
My fearlessness practice is to change the following behavior by applying myself daily:

Meditation: Sitting & Sadhana

I will develop mental stability and self-awareness through the cultivation of sustained attention.
My dynamic stillness practice is to increase my sitting meditation/sadhana by ___________________
including practicing with the sangha at these extra times/days _________________________________________________________________________________.

Wisdom: Waking Up

I will root each and every thought, word and action of these perfect intentions in transcendent
understanding through the cultivation of deep insight. My skillfulness practice is to dissolve
all ideas of who is doing practice, who practice is done for and practice that is done.

Personal Challenge

My own intention for this Practice Period is:_____________________________________________.




Rev. angel Kyodo williams, Mahamitra

Spiritual Director and Guiding Teacher

on this  _______  day of September, 2011

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