27 Days of Change | Fall 2011 Practice Period

Thirty-three people from around the world participated in the 27 Days of Change | Fall 2011 Practice Period. There were a number of local Bay Area participants, many on the East Coast, and one as far away as Thailand. Some were veteran participants, and some were brand new. All folks committed to making significant 360-degree shifts in service to their personal transformation.

Participants committed to give selfless service to community gardens, senior centers, and bike co-ops. Organizations like Southerners on New Ground, Al-Anon, and Healthy Solutions Group  benefitted from participants’ intentions.

Participants lessened their collective carbon footprint by committing to cutting back on plastic use and fossil fuel. Folks rode their bikes more and drove less. There was renewed intentions to faithfully compost and eat whole unprocessed foods in addition to giving thanks before eating every meal.

Some participants also jump-started their sitting practice or revived a faded one.  Some just started their sitting practice. In general, all folks practiced more with their intentional practice communities, whether they were local or virtual. Intentions were made to continue to reclaim relationship with the self, with parents, siblings, friends, “frenemies,” spiritual friends, and lovers.

All formal participants received a daily 27 Days of Change email, containing inspirational quotes, framing text and questions.  In addition, weekly study materials were also shared.  Study materials included articles, audio recordings of public talks, and a good healthy dose of suggested TED talks. Online discussion about posted materials proved fruitful.  The weekly conference check-in call was well attended, and this practice period, each of the conference calls were  recorded so that they could be reviewed by participants who were not able to make the call.

Congratulations to the following individuals for their intentions, dedicated practice and participation during the last 27 Days of Change:

Pamela Booker

David Bronstein

Cal Carpenter

Melanie Chopko

Chuck Courts

Leigh Crenshaw

Miriam Dowd

Aerin Dunford

Richael Faithful

Wilfredo Flores

Sundaresvani Erica Grevemeyer

Cherisse Harper

Judy Hatcher

Valerie Love

Juanita Martin

Prachi Murarka

Ginger Norwood

Ngoc Nguyen

Nuri Nusrat

Patrick Oliver

Tulasi Adeva Perrin

Kristen Rothballer

Ndelea Simama

Theo Simms

Simhanandi Evan Stubblefield

chandrashekara thuy tran

Kuba Ra Tyehemba

Karen Muktayani Villanueva

Lisa Vasquez

Diana Verhalen

Leah Walsh

Zochi Alonzo Young

Lisa Zimmerman




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