newDharma Talk | The Six Paramitas

As we enter the 27-Days of Change the six paramitas represent not just ideas about how we can best do things, but pure intentions to live our lives transformed. We all have a “head” way of thinking about these virtues, effort, patience, generosity…. But listen here and begin to understand how to hold them with great intention, letting go of what you believe they mean.

“Do you understand the difference between ordinary giving and transcendental giving? With ordinary giving, you get to do the giving. With transcendental giving, you don’t. It’s as simple as that. The giving still happens, but there’s no separation in that act. There’s not, Oh, that guy needs something from me, and so I’m going to give it to him and doesn’t that make me great. It falls away. The quarter or dollar leaves your hand and simply is passed on and there’s no residue of reaction left behind. You just keeping moving in your life without fixation on “the you” that gave or even a fixation on “the him” that needed something…It all dissipates; it all dissolves into just what was called for, transcendental giving: the act of giving in such a way that you give away yourself in the process…”

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