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november 2011

WEST COAST fearlessMeditation I | Practice of the Body CXC | Center for Transformative Change | Berkeley, CA Friday | November 4, 2011 | 7:00-9:30pm Register   Roots of Change | Social Justice and Media 2011 Portland, OR Wednesday -Friday | November 2-4, 2011 More Info   Earth at Risk | Building a Resistance Movement to […]

Secrets of Spiritual Activism

Metta Center for Nonviolence | Petaluma, CA Friday – Sunday | November 4-6, 2011 More Info

Banquet 2011 | Jobs, Workers Rights and Defending the American Dream

People’s World |  Chicago, IL Sunday | November 20, 2011 | 1pm-4pm Register

We Are Hard-wired to Care and Connect

As a culture our interested is picqued far more by violence, making even our perspectives part of the cycle that violence starts–violence begets more violence–making it just that much more difficult to break out of our anger, resentment, self-destruction, aggression and so on. BUT, there is hope in the form of scientific evidence that shows we […]

Building peaceWELL

Significant work has been done in bringing CXC’s peaceWELL into being. peaceWELL is a community-based wellness space designed to provide low- cost healing services to social justice activists and agents of social change to ensure that complementary and alternative wellness options are safe, culturally relevant, accessible, and affordable. Wellness offerings will include massage, acupuncture, acupressure, […]

Earth at Risk | Building a Resistance Movement to Save the Planet

UC Berkeley | Wheeler Auditorium | Berkeley, CA  Sunday | November 13, 2011 | 10am-6:15am More Info

Floyd Red Crow Westerman | Forgotten Instructions

  When we live out of balance spiritually it affects everything, our connection to ourselves, to earth, to one another. Whether or not you believe in the many prophecies going around about end times, this video on the Hopi prophecy about end times for the American way of life points at some truths about how […]

Occupy Movement Builds Democratic Communities

Written & contributed by Sheperd Bliss Occupy Wall Street gatherings, on October 15 at around 1500 sites in some 80 countries, revealed a global uprising for building democratic learning and action communities. People were joyous to be together in streets and parks, on church steps, outside banks, and elsewhere—playing music, chanting, and exercising their freedoms. […]

november 2011

  How to start a revolution Watch a trailer about the efforts of Gene Sharp, the world’s leading expert on nonviolent revolution. Learn about his book, From Dictatorship to Democracy, and his list of 148 weapons of nonviolence.   Lessons from the Godfather Read a gripping interview with Gene Sharp. Part of a series on activism […]

Violence vs. Nonviolence, Affects on Youth

If you look up information on nonviolence or violence, hundreds of links come up that include information on the media or on youth or both. Mostly because of the high percentage of young people who act out violently as compared to the rest of the population; violence is the second leading cause of death from […]

Divesting from Big Banks

We couldn’t ignore the action happening around the Big Banks this November so, breaking from our usual stories, we’re calling attention to the divestment from the nation’s largest banks. In Miami, on November 1st, the 99% are marching to pull their money out of Bank of America. Three hundred Colorado home owners have already pulled […]

Mark Lilly | Yoga Means Service in Sanskrit*

Mark Lilly, founder of Portland, Oregon’s Street Yoga, began teaching yoga to at-risk youth in 2002. He believes that “yoga is a practice of service to humanity.” And considering the young people he’s worked with in his yoga classes–many are youths who have obviously been abused: “There’d be kids shaking, literally shaking, with big bruises,” […]