Building peaceWELL

roof being re-done | materials salvaged for re-purpose and re-use

Significant work has been done in bringing CXC’s peaceWELL into being. peaceWELL is a community-based wellness space designed to provide low- cost healing services to social justice activists and agents of social change to ensure that complementary and alternative wellness options are safe, culturally relevant, accessible, and affordable.

Wellness offerings will include massage, acupuncture, acupressure, nutritional counseling, cleanse support, as well as energy work.  In addition, the project is utilizing green building techniques and practices to stay in alignment with CXC’s organizational stance and mission.

peaceWELL’s over-arching goal is to improve the sustainability of those working in the social justice and social change communities by way of their physical and energetic health. When the health and well-being of those among us that have committed their lives to social justice is supported, the resulting ripple effect is exponential, in that it allows the often physically depleting, emotionally overwhelming work of social change to be done in a balanced and appropriate way.

This healing space is an entirely green building project that is ecologically sustainable, has low energy usage and will act as a showcase for environmentally sound building, design, and operational practices. Initial designs were drafted by architecture students from Academy of Art in San Francisco under the guidance of their instructor, Greg Upwall. Together with CXC’s own Groundskeeper and Facilities Steward, Chuck Courts, peaceWELL continues to evolve.








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