november 2011


How to start a revolution

Watch a trailer about the efforts of Gene Sharp, the world’s leading expert on nonviolent revolution. Learn about his book, From Dictatorship to Democracy, and his list of 148 weapons of nonviolence.


Lessons from the Godfather

Read a gripping interview with Gene Sharp. Part of a series on activism in the U.S. Gene Sharp talks about the power of nonviolent struggle, and how not to screw it up. Also, learn about another one of his books, The Politics of Nonviolent Action. To read more click here.

Crunch Time for Occupy Wall Street

This article, written by Michael Nagler, founder of the Metta Center for Nonviolence, discusses three “must haves” for the Occupy Movement to be successful.

 What “diversity of tactics” Really Means for Occupy Wall Street

Editor Nathan Schneider discusses the tenuous nature of organized nonviolent demonstration and protest, how the term “diversity of tactics” is often interpreted, and the commitment required to maintain the integrity of a nonviolent movement.

Move Your Money Project

November 5th is Bank Transfer Day. If you have questions about where to transfer funds or what steps to take to do so, check out this link which helps you find a local bank or credit union as well as some of the latest articles on Bank Transfer Day.









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