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Sometimes the best way to go forward is to take a look at where we’ve been. These resources give grant seekers a chance to evaluate, tweak, revise, and review the way they’re approaching the process.

Demystifying Grant Seeking 

Larissa Golden Brown and John Martin Brown teach you to follow a system that will get you a grant. Not wanting to miss a step, the authors start by telling readers about how to clear away their fears about grant seeking and help them understand how to set up an office, and then evaluate their process to improve results the next time around. It’s a book meant for nonprofit professionals no matter where they are in the process of understanding grant seeking.

Writing for a Cause

One of the best books around to help you polish up your grant writing–as well as your organization’s newsletter, thank you notes or the any other pieces of writing you have to do–Writing for a Cause by Joseph Barbato and Danielle Furlich will help you write clear, polished sentences that focus on your objective.

The Foundation Center

If you’re interested in getting any kind of funding, the Foundation Center is one of the best places to start. They have classes, an extensive library, and onsite folks who are there to help you out, plus a database chock full of information. They’ve been around for a few decades and have locations all over the country. Check out where they might be near you.

Foundation Center Online Training 

Also, check out the Foundation Center’s list of online grant writing courses. Their classes are interactive and include assignments so that what you learn sticks. They cover everything from writing education grants to courses on nonprofit organizations.


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