newDharma Talk | Practicing Our Values in Times of Change

Change is happening now, and no one knows how things are going to turn out. We only know that things will be different. The question is how do we hold ourselves as change proceeds, as things are torn apart before our very eyes? Acting divisively will bring more of the same, only harder and stronger. Pausing long enough to act with equanimity and remember who we are–really are–might just give us enough leverage to sustain change in the times ahead.

So how many of us feel particularly acutely that we’re in times of change right now?

I think, as a surprise to most of us, the Occupy movement—and everything that is around it—is bringing to a head, or bringing forth, illuminating, the change that we were all waiting for, the change that is necessary. It’s revealing that the systems and the structures that we have been relying on have been propped up by false crutches, and they are really starting to show wear and tear and coming apart at the seams.

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