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Nonviolence, waged with steady uncompromising discipline has brought down governments worldwide. Organized disobedience with the willingness the see one’s opponent as human unsettles those who are set on using force to get what they want. The Occupy movement’s steady growth encourages a look at a different way to be–a different way to be human and a different way to go forward. According to Michael Nagler, nonviolence is the only way we have to get beyond the messes we have made on earth with the environment and with one another, which makes sense because no matter how many masks we wear whatever’s inside comes out. Nonviolent action, in its own quiet way, offers lessons about connection, responsibility, and truth that make change inevitable.

This month, in honor of the many peoples whose histories were changed through the arrival of the Pilgrims, we dedicate this issue to nonviolence and the huge potential of the Occupy movement.


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